Professional diver

I started diving at the age of 16 and never stopped. While I acquired my recreational qualifications in freshwater lakes in Switzerland, and my commercial qualifications in turbid UK waters, I am a well-travelled diver who has experienced a variety of blue (and less blue) wonders. Underwater, I offer the meticulousness and passion of a scientist in addition to the professionalism and resilience of a commercial diver. I welcome opportunities to lead, or assist with, a diversity aquatic projects worldwide.

Professional qualifications:

HSE Surface Supplied Offshore Top-Up

HSE Surface Supplied

HSE Professional SCUBA

RYA Level 2 Powerboat

1 st Aid Work and 02 Provider (up-to-date)

CDT Recompression Chamber Operator
CDT Hydraulic Tools Certificate of Competence
CDT Pneumatic Tools Certificate
CDT Basic Surface and Underwater Burning and Cutting Certificate
CDT Basic Surface and Underwater Welding Certificate
CDT Basic Surface and Underwater Rigging Certificate

Kirby Morgan Helmet Inspection & Basic Maintenance

Recreational qualifications:

P*** Diver (CMAS Switzerland)

Divemaster (PADI)


> 20 years of diving experience, inc. in challenging conditions and remote locations.